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young lone  woman relax outdoors

Relax To The Max

While there is a deep satisfaction in getting your hands in the soil and getting your garden in tip top shape, have you ever thought of your garden as an extra room where you can kick back and relax?

Your garden can be a wonderful backdrop to some well earned relaxation and family time, here are some ideas to maximise your green haven.

Couple having intimate dinner for two on the terrace of summer evening

Al Fresco Dining

Why not add some furniture to your outdoor area and enjoy a meal or two in the open air (doesn’t food always taste better outside!). Can you think of a better way to start your day than enjoying your morning coffee with the birds and butterflies! Why not start a new family tradition and gather family and friends for a delicious barbecue.

Young couple having movie night party. Laying down on blanket in front of movie improvised screen. Backyard decorated with festive string lights. Night time.

Outdoor Cinema

For all you film buffs, have you ever thought about using your projector outdoors? It will make a fabulous alternative to your living room. Add popcorn, cold drinks and friends for the perfect Summer hangout!

brother and sister / having fun in backyard tent / with their light up hats

Sleep Under The Stars

When it’s time for bed, why not sleep in a tent, a garden hut or directly under the stars? You will see how wonderful it is to be so close to nature. The kids will love this stay at home adventure.

Two blue tits fly to the food dispenser filled with peanuts.

Bird Feeder

Want to encourage nature in your garden? Making homemade bird feeders for your garden is a fun way for you and your kids to spend time together as well as exploring nature and all your garden and nature has to offer. Read our Step by step guide here. 

A string of rounded lights for an outdoor garden party are sharply defined with crisp detail.  The surrounding greenery and sky are blurred to provide contrast from the muted backdrop, making the lights the main point of focus for the eyes. This image is a capture from a wedding reception where the lights were used to light up the dance floor during the evening hours. Beautiful decorative lighting is great for setting the mood at any summer outdoor celebration.

Night Lighting

Some beautiful night lighting can help extend your time in the garden. Why not pop along to your local GroMór centre, they have some helpful advice to help you maximise your garden time. Find your nearest centre. 


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