Can you believe that it’s December already? The months have flown by. In this time, your garden has undergone many transformations from the first frosts, to spring colours, summer blooms and the leaves falling from the trees in autumn. 

With shorter days and wintery weather, you most likely won’t want to be out in your garden in December very much, however there are some tasks you can tackle this month for your December gardening to-do list: 


  • Don’t forget to look after the wild birds in your garden this December. As you know, at this time of year, their food is in shorter supply. Be sure to feed the birds with high-protein nuts and sunflower seeds, one of the best food sources for your garden birds.
  • Prune back your fruiting trees this December, removing any damaged or diseased branches. You can then apply a dressing of winter wash to the entire tree to kill any overwintering pests.
  • Now is the time to look after your deciduous trees & shrubs by applying a dressing of winter tree wash. This product is available from most local garden centres, find yours here, and will clean the trees of overwintering bugs and pests. It is suitable to use this throughout December and January.
  • Install a water storage unit in your garden to help harvest rainwater needed for the spring & summer months. Rainwater is the cleanest water you can use in your garden. It is chemical free and your plants will love it. Place the water container under a down-pipe by your greenhouse or home, and off you go!
  • Cover your compost heap! You can do this with any heavy material that will cover it completely, such as an old carpet or black plastic sheeting. This will help to keep the temperatures up, and ensure that decomposition continues, even in colder weather. If possible, keep turning your compost at this time of year too. 
  • Be sure to store away at least one bag of compost for sowing, potting compost and multi purpose in warm, dry conditions. That way, if or when you need it, it will not be wet or frozen. 
  • Shopping local. While you may not be spending much time outside, you can bring the outside in. December is the best time of year to fill your home with natural decorations, from Poinsettias, to fir & holly adorned wreaths, and Christmas Trees, your local GroMor garden centre can help to make your home a festive wonderland – and worthy of adding to your December to do list each year. 



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