August To Do List

August can be one of the best times in the gardening year as it is one of the few months that you can relax and admire the hardwork that you’ve put in all year. However, if you have grown your own fruit or vegetables, August can be a busy month harvesting your produce and preserving the harvest.

Our top things to do in August

  1. Keep dead heading! A simple, but extremely effective job in your garden in August, deadheading allows the plant to keep it’s energy reserved for new flowers and buds, thus gauranteeing you further longevity and blooms.
  2. Sometimes hanging baskets can get forgotten during the summer, so be sure to trim and feed hanging baskets, ensuring that their beauty is elongated. Make sure you keep the baskets watered as needed (depending on our Irish weather).
  3. Feed your planted containers and even some (lacklustre) perennials with a liquid tomato feed each week to encourage healthy growth and development.
  4. Begin to have a think of how you would like your spring garden to appear, and plan out platagrams of where to put different plants. If you’re very organised, why not go to your local GroMór centre and order your seeds and bulbs ready for Spring?
  5. Be aware and act on an earwigs that may appear on your Dahlias and Chrysanthemums. These are best sorted by picking up a slug repellent from your local GroMór centre.
  6. If you’re feeling advenurous, you could start to plant Autumn potatoes to make sure you have potatoes available all winter long, particularly for Christmas.
  7. Leave out some extra feed for the birds as they will be beginning to store feed for the winter.

Our top 5 plants for August

  1. Crocosmia Lucifer-in full flower in August
  2. Verbena Bonariensies-the perfect plant to attract butterflies in August
  3. Alsromeria, particularly ‘Princess Claire” or ‘Little Miss” varieties, which will be in full flower now
  4. Cosmos New Choco, enjoy the chocolate coloured flowers and scent from this little gem
  5. Dahlia-an extremely popular flower and great for adding some colour!
And if nothing else this month, sit back and enjoy your green space!


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