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Episode 5 | Thursday 18th June 2020 | RTÉ ONE AT 8PM

The brand new series of Super Garden continues with 5 new budding designers battling it out to secure a coveted show garden spot at Ireland’s premier garden festival, Bord Bia’s ‘Bloom’ in 2021.  

This year a new housing development in a small village called Rowlestown, North County Dublin is home to the Super Garden Competition.

Our five designers will each be given an identical garden as their blank canvas to create their entry into Super Garden. Competing alongside each other for three weeks they will also help each other finish their garden designs.

Our final Designer, Siobhan Keogh (28) is a graduate architect but her design has a focus on planting rather than hard-landscaping. She firmly believes a garden doesn’t need to be big or have to be “all the bells and whistles” to be a Super Garden. Her design is refined, pared-back and controlled. Homeowner Margaret is on the same wave-length, she would love a peaceful space to relax in at the end of a hectic day. Daughter Katie (11) just wants somewhere to dance.

Simplicity is key to Siobhan’s ‘R(etreat) & R(estorative)’ design. She plans on using muted colours, natural wood, and drift planting to create an oasis of calm for Margaret and Katie. With just 3 weeks and work commitments in Cork, Siobhan’s time in the garden will be limited to weekends only. Although her design is simple, every element will have to be perfect if she’s to be in with a chance showcasing it at Bord Bia’s Bloom in 2021.

Designer: Siobhan Keogh (28), Co. Cork

Occupation: Graduate Architect and Part-Time Assistant Lecturer

Siobhan (28) is an architectural graduate from Cork City who describes herself as quite competitive, even if it’s mostly with herself. Siobhan won the Quercus Talented Student scholarship after graduating top of her class at University College Cork. In 2018 she achieved first class honours from the Master of  Architecture program.

Siobhan loves to be creative in any way she can, garden design is a new passion but it combines her love of working outdoors and nature.

Coming from a design background Siobhan knows what she likes. Gardens that rely on large areas of hard landscaping or the use of unnatural products like fake grass are not her cup of tea.

Siobhan would love to bring her ‘R(etreat) & R(estorative)’ design to Bord Bia’s Bloom and prove that simple can also be showstopping.


Homeowner: Margaret Jones (31) & daughter Katie (11)

Occupations: Support Worker in Tiglin.

Getting a house in Rowlestown felt like coming home for Margaret. Growing up she spent a lot of time in the area visiting her grandparents. Both her grandparents & parents were married in the local church while she and Katie (11) were even christened there.

The new house is a fresh start for Margaret who, in the past, battled with drug addiction. Three years ago she decided to seek help and attended Tiglin in Brittas, an addiction rehabilitation centre. It’s been a long road for Margaret but her end goal was always to give Katie a secure and loving home. Now, working in Tiglin as a Support Worker, she’s really proud to be able to give back and help others.

Margaret and Katie have never had their own garden so they haven’t got around to doing anything in it. The dream garden for Margaret is somewhere she can just sit in peace to read. With family and friends living nearby she would love to be able to invite them over for a BBQ’s on sunny days. Katie is always dancing, in the car in the house everywhere, so as long as Siobhan leaves her a bit of space to do that she’ll be happy. Margaret doesn’t know anything about plants so at the moment the garden is just grass and plain walls.

Siobhan’s R(etreat) & R(estorative) design is perfect fit for Margaret and Katie and they would love to see her bring it all the way to Bord Bia’s Bloom.

Design: R(etreat) & R(estorative) Garden

Siobhan’s planting will be the main feature in her garden, with an emphasis on texture, colour and movement. She’s implementing a drift planting scheme in her flower beds, mixing tall trees and grasses with ferns and herbaceous plants. The aim is to create a feeling of being somewhere between a wild countryside and a beautiful painting. This will  provide contrast with the clean simple lines in the furniture and hard landscaping.

To avoid unnatural materials, Siobhan is using treated larch to build a wooden archway, bench and a raised planter, near the kitchen for herbs and vegetables. A corten steel water bowl will sit in her rear flowerbed surrounded by plants for reflections. She’s also bringing in a large corten steel mural of flowers which will be hung to the side of the archway. The garden will have a number of seating areas, each offering their own unique view of the garden. Siobhan is using muted colours on the boundary walls and structures to help the planting stand out. 




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