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Episode 1 | Thursday 21st May 2020 | RTÉ ONE AT 8PM

The brand new series of Super Garden returns with 5 new budding designers battling it out to secure a coveted show garden spot at Ireland’s premier garden festival, Bord Bia’s ‘Bloom’ in 2021.

This year a new housing development in a small village called Rowlestown, North County Dublin is home to the Super Garden Competition.

Our five designers will each be given an identical garden as their blank canvas to create their entry into Super Garden. Competing alongside each other for three weeks they will also help each other finish their garden designs.

Our first Designer, Dermot Melia from Co. Meath, is a 9th generation horticulturist with a background in landscaping who dreams of one day winning Gold at Bloom.  Homeowner, Nicola Clancy is looking for a whimsical, low maintenance, social garden, to enjoy with her twin boys Tristan and Reuben (10) with a romantic area just for her.

To deliver this Dermot has created a ‘Room Effect’ design & will build a garden that will mix contemporary style and sunken areas with a country cottage feel. Dermot will have just 3 weeks to channel his inner romantic and to bring his design to life to give Nicola the garden of her dreams. Will the Super Garden judges be impressed enough with Dermot’s garden to give him the chance of winning gold at Bloom 2021?

Designer: Dermot Melia  (44), Co. Meath

Occupation Carer & Landscaper

Dermot is a landscaper with a unique sense of style, always well dressed, even in the garden. He loves going to gigs and spending time outdoors with his son, Sean (14), taking part in Adventure Races and works as DJ some weekends.  Single, Dermot’s idea of romance is a candlelit dinner at sunset and a holiday in Venice.

A 9th generation horticulturist, Dermot loves gardening and studied at Warrenstown Horticulture college and UCD. For the last 20 years he’s been building his skills working in the construction and landscaping industries. Currently, Dermot works part time in garden maintenance but he would love to get back to garden design full time. He has big dreams of winning a Gold medal at Bloom, the Chelsea Flower Show and one day hosting his own gardening TV show focusing on bio diversity.

Dermot likes to experiment with styles in a garden design  and takes inspiration from Diarmuid Gavin who’s garden he worked on for the 2005 Chelsea Flower Show. Using his skills and knowledge Dermot feels he can create a Super Garden to reflect his personality, that’s both loud and reserved all in one.  After years of thinking about applying for Super Garden Dermot is confident he can achieve his dream of going to Bloom 2021.

Homeowner: Nicola Clancy (39), twins Tristan and Reuben (10)

Occupation: Psychology Therapist

Single mum Nicola (39) describes herself as a ‘total hopeless romantic’, she is looking for the man of her dreams to help her achieve her happy ever after. She grew up on a farm and wants her boys Tristan and Reuben (10), to have a rural childhood. Nicola separated from her husband 3 years ago and had been renting a house locally so the boys could continue attending Rolestown National School. The insecurity of renting was tough on Nicola and the boys. They used to drive by the development while it was still being built but never dreamed they would actually get a house here. Getting the house in Rowlestown was like winning the lottery, providing some much needed security for the family.

Nicola’s would love a garden that’s whimsical and romantic, like stepping out the back door into another world, but it has to be low maintenance. Nicola loves the country way of life but she has yet to develop green fingers and hasn’t a clue about gardening. Since they moved into the house in Rowlestown the garden has been put on the back burner. At the moment, they can’t even use the back garden which is tough with two young boys who have loads of energy. They need a  garden with areas for Tristan and Reuben to play but also a ‘Nicola zone’ for her to chill out in.

Dermot’s design is ticking all the boxes for Nicola and her boys, they have a feeling he’ll be going all the way to Bloom.

Design: Room Effect

Dermot called his design ‘Room Effect’ and wants to create areas with different themes that feel like extra rooms in the garden. Just at the back door Nicola will be able to step down into a sunken area for the whole family, which has a waterfall, artificial grass, surrounded by a natural stone wall. To the back of the garden a paved play area with seating for the boys is partially surrounded by a graffiti wall. Finally a special romantic area for Nicola with a pergola to give her a place to chill out or have candle lit dinners.

Dermot feels his design has the perfect balance of hard and soft landscaping. He’s introducing natural elements in his stone work and using curves and circles to give a nice flow to the garden. His planting scheme of mature trees, structural shrubs and lower beds will soften the hard landscaping and help create movement, it’s a garden full of energy.



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