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Meet the Designers!

Dermot Melia

Dermot is a landscaper with a unique sense of style, always well dressed, even in the garden. He loves going to gigs and spending time outdoors with his son, Sean (14), taking part in Adventure Races and works as DJ some weekends.  Single, Dermot’s idea of romance is a candlelit dinner at sunset and a holiday in Venice.

A 9th generation horticulturist, Dermot loves gardening and studied at Warrenstown Horticulture College and UCD. For the last 20 years, he’s been building his skills working in the construction and landscaping industries. Currently, Dermot works part-time in garden maintenance but he would love to get back to garden design full time. He has big dreams of winning a Gold medal at Bloom, the Chelsea Flower Show and one day hosting his own gardening TV show focusing on biodiversity.

Dermot likes to experiment with styles in garden design and takes inspiration from Diarmuid Gavin who’s garden he worked on for the 2005 Chelsea Flower Show. Using his skills and knowledge Dermot feels he can create a Super Garden to reflect his personality, that’s both loud and reserved all in one.  After years of thinking about applying for Super Garden Dermot is confident he can achieve his dream of going to Bloom 2021.

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Tara Linnane

Tara, originally from Dublin, is a country girl at heart with a passion for growing vegetables, permaculture, and sustainable gardening. Tara discovered her passion for Garden Design and Horticulture at the age of 10, on a trip with her mum to Holland to see the tulip fields. It was no surprise to her family when she decided to study for her BA in Agricultural Science at UCD. Tara planned to move to New York to pursue a career in Rooftop Garden Design but that all changed when she met her future husband, Barry in her protected crops class. Tara went on to study a Masters in Marking at DIT and now works full time as a Product Owner for AIB on the mobile app. She dreams of being a designer.

Tara’s husband Barry comes from a family of mushroom farmers in Cavan, where the couple now live. On the farm, they have a polytunnel where they host parties as well as growing fruit, veg, and Tara’s prize possession, a banana plant. Tara and Barry have an Instagram account @twopeas_inapolytunnel  where they like to share their ideas. They also have two Alpacas, Monty and Mo.  

Tara applied for Super Garden this year because she felt the need for a new challenge and is keen to share her passion for sustainable gardening and permaculture. She feels everyone can grow something in their garden or balcony regardless of the size. As a designer, Tara is not afraid to push boundaries and take risks. She’s competitive and always wants to be the first to try something new. Going to Bloom 2021 with a show garden has been a goal of Tara’s since the festival first began in 2007.


Mark Hoey

Mark (32) is originally from Louth but lives in Cork with his wife Emma and baby daughter Bella working full time in a Landscape Gardening company. Mark feels he’s quite easy going but wife Emma thinks there’s an extremely competitive man behind the quiet exterior. Mark, a long-distance runner represented Ireland at European Junior Cross Country Championships so he knows what it’s like to compete with the best. Determined to give everything to Super Garden Mark will be moving to Dublin full time for the 3 week build. This will be especially hard on the 1st time dad but Emma and Bella are behind him all the way.

For Mark, building his Super Garden will be a family affair – he’ll be helped by his own father Paddy, a sheep farmer who also works in garden centre. Father-in-law Chris has also been signed up to help, Mark describes Chris as a perfectionist so he’s happy to have him on the team.

Mark became interested in garden design when he took a summer job with a landscaper at 18 and he’s been working in the industry ever since. Building a garden is second nature, he’s less confident with planting and horticulture so this will be his biggest challenge. Mark wants to move away from the uninspiring standard back gardens, his style is contemporary with clean lines.

Mark’s dream would be to one day setup his own landscape design and construction business. Mark would love to win Super Garden, showcasing his garden in Bloom would be life changing.


Fran Byrne

Laid-back Fran Byrne’s interest in gardening came at a young age inspired by his father Johnie who worked in the Botanic Gardens Glasnevin. At the age of 12 he started working in gardens part time and gardening became his passion. Fran is a father of 6 children ranging from 16 – 33. Youngest son Jake will join him during the garden build in Rowlestown.

Fran began designing and building gardens, setting up his own company in 2000. Unfortunately due to the recession, he had to dissolve the company in 2007 but he continued to work in landscaping and is now currently self-employed. Taking part in this year’s Super Garden is a major opportunity for Fran & he views it as a big ‘second-chance’ in his life. For Fran landscape design is his life, he loves the quirky design styles of Diarmuid Gavin. He likes to take risks when it comes to introducing different elements and mixing different styles into garden design.

Fran met his wife Myriam in her homeland of Chile 10 years ago and they married in 2012. Extensive travel across Europe, South America, and Egypt has given Fran a wealth of ideas for garden design. Fran’s seating area for Super Garden has been inspired by a visit to Chile where every town is based on a central square with a water feature, seating area surrounded by trees.

With over 40 years of experience in landscaping, Fran is hoping he might have the edge on his fellow designers. Fran applied to Super Garden to prove to his family, his industry, and himself that he can do it, not just compete but get to Bloom 2021.


Siobhan Keogh 

Siobhan (28) is an architectural graduate from Cork City who describes herself as quite competitive, even if it’s mostly with herself. Siobhan won the Quercus Talented Student scholarship after graduating top of her class at University College Cork. In 2018 she achieved first class honours from the Master of  Architecture program.

Siobhan loves to be creative in any way she can, garden design is a new passion but it combines her love of working outdoors and nature.

Coming from a design background Siobhan knows what she likes. Gardens that rely on large areas of hard landscaping or the use of unnatural products like fake grass are not her cup of tea.

Siobhan would love to bring her ‘R(etreat) & R(estorative)’ design to Bord Bia’s Bloom and prove that simple can also be show-stopping.

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