Coming into the autumn months, especially in Irish weather it can be hard to find the desire to spend time outside.


Check out our steps below for a fun Twig Teepee Tent project where you and your little growers can create a dry, warm outdoor space to play in the late summer & autumn months that will encourage your family to keep interacting with nature!

Step One: Gather your sticks and supplies. 

You will need plenty of branches, if and where you have access to them – around 80 to 100 or as many as you need. 

Step Two: Location, location, location. 

Make sure you find the right spot for your new twig teepee tent! 

Step Three: Build it!

Level the area if you need to, to start out with. Select the biggest branches first, as many as you need (around 6)  lean them together and tie them with some twine or rope at the top. Place the additional branches against your main support, starting with the bigger sticks and working your way down to the smaller ones – some of which you can weave through to create a strong structure. 

Ensure to keep your Little Growers part of the design & building process, this will keep them interested and engaged in the project. 

Step Four: Final Adjustments.

Make sure you have a left a gap to get in and out of your tent, as well as checking that the structure is sound before using your tent! For a final touch, you can decorate with leaves or dried flowers – the choice is yours. 

And…have fun!