Blueberries GroMór

One of the best wonder foods available, blueberries are full of antioxidants and taste. With relatively little care needed for the plants to grow, blueberries are the perfect starter fruits to grow to see tasty rewards for little effort.

Soil Prep

The best soil for blueberries is soil that has some compost materials in it (you can recycle some of your Christmas tree leaves for this purpose.) It is best to grow blueberries in soil without manure as this can do damage to their very fine roots of the plant. Some composts (particularly acidic compost) can also encourage better growth.

Blueberries like to be planted in moist and well drained soil that guarantees them all the water that they need, without overwhelming them.

How to Plant

Blueberries can grow very well in either your garden or simply in a plant pot on your balcony. In your garden, make sure that you put the plants one metre apart, as they will spread. For a balcony, a pot roughly 34cm in diameter would be suitable for a small blueberry plant, while a bigger plant will require a slightly bigger pot. Blueberries love to be placed in an area that offers both sun and shade, which also helps to develop the taste.


If there are any stems that look obviously weak or damaged, these are best to be trimmed off anytime during November to March. The fruit will begin to ripen from mid summer and will be ready once the berries change from a green to a dark blue. Birds love ripe blueberries so you may have to try to place netting over the plants to ensure they don’t eat all you crop. Pruning is very rarely needed in the first two years of the plant.


Blueberries are wonder fruit, working very well for every meal or simply for a snack. Try freezing some blueberries and remove 5 minutes before you want to eat to create a sorbet-like treat, that is natural and healthy. Or else simply add some Greek yogurt and honey for a great snack suitable for breakfast or dessert.




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