Chrysanthemums or mums, as they are sometimes called, are perennial autumn flowers.  They are available in a wide variety of colours and shapes making them the perfect addition to brighten your autumn garden.  An extra bonus is that when cut, crysanthemum flowers can last up to two weeks in water, so they will add vibrant colour to your indoor flower arrangements as well.

Chrysanthemums are not a new flower and in their 2,000 year history there have been many varieties developed.  This gives you a plethora of options for height, colour, flower size etc.  Be sure to ask your local GroMór Expert for help choosing the best ones for your needs.

When should it be grown?

Chrysanthemums are best planted in spring so that they are well established by the time winter comes around.  

They can also be planted in late summer and autumn once their roots have over six weeks to fully establish before frost or very hot weather.  You can always add a layer of mulch around them to protect them from frost just in case.

Where should it be grown?

Chrysanthemums are best planted in a sunny, well drained spot. 

They can adapt to any soil type.


Dig the area well and add organic compost to the soil. 

Chrysanthemums need space to grow so ensure that you leave 18- 24 inches between them.

Plant the chrysanthemum in the soil to the same depth it was in the pot.  Putting soil higher than this may cause the stems to rot.  

Firm the soil slightly around your crysanthemum and give your chrysanthemum a good watering and feed it well.

Feeding & Watering

Feed chrysanthemums in spring with a time release fertiliser.

Remember to water generously when the weather is dry as chrysanthemum roots are not very deep.  Always try to water the roots and not the leaves as they are susceptible to mildew.


Chrysanthemums can be impatient to flower before autumn. Flower buds may form on the plant in early summer as chrysanthemums.  We don’t want this to happen as the crysanthemum will look leggy and it will have much fewer flowers than it should.

To prevent this;

Snip off the bud and it’s stem up to the leave just under the bud.  This will make sure you won’t have ugly stems sticking out of your beautiful chrysanthemums! 

Continue to do this up until late July and then you can let your crysanthemum flower as it wishes.  

It will be much healthier and have more flowers because of pinching.

Any additional tips?

Chrysanthemums flower in response to daylight shortening, if they are planted under a bright street light this may confuse them!

Chrysanthemums can be hardy or ornamental.  Hardy varieties require much less work, whereas ornamental variety will need to be brought indoors over winter.

Every 3 – 5 years divide your crysanthemums, they will grow much better and you will get extra plants for your garden.  To do this, dig up the entire plant and gently pull the roots apart. You can re-plant these in another area of your garden.  It is best to do this in spring.