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Dermot Melia’s Plant List

Featured Plants:

Agapanthus ‘Jacaranda’

Agapanthus Jacaranda, also known as Lily of the Nile.  This beautiful plant flowers from mid June onwards. Plant them in a sunny position in a well drained soil.  It would will also do well in a large pot, and makes a good cutflower. Height and spread – 1m

Euphorbia Amygdaloides Purpurea

Euphorbia amygdaloides ‘Purpurea’ common name spurge, grows best in the shade and is a compact euphorbia, with bright yellow flowers from May to July. Height 30cm, spread 60cm

Hebe Matty Brown – Shrub

Hebe Matty Brown is an evergreen plant with deep purple foliage and masses of violet flowers from June to October. It likes a sunny spot, and is perfect for pots as well as flower beds and borders Height and spread – 50cm

Hydrangea Arborescens Annabelle – Shrub

Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle is a medium-sized, fast-growing, with huge white flowers up to 30 cm across from July onwards, that stay on the plant as dried flowers.  They need a sheltered sunny position in a well drained soil. Height and spread 1.2m. Cut back well in winter.

Lupin Westcountry ‘Tequila Flame’

This vibrant plant will really stand out in your garden, with their bicolor blooms from late spring to mid summer, in a combination of red and soft yellow. Plant them in groups for best effect, in full sun in a well drained soil. Bees love them! Height 80cm, spread 60cm.

Nepeta racemosa ‘Walker’s Low’

Masses of deep blue-mauve flowers from mid summer to autumn. Plant them in full sun or partial shade. Height and spread – 40cm

Photinia X Fraseri Robusta Compacta Espalier Screening

These evergreen plants are well known for their vibrant red/green foliage and dense habit. Habit. They do well in sun or semi shade. Height 3m spread 2m Ideal for screening. Espalier means they are trellised to grow flat against a wall

Rosemary Prostratus

Low growing plant with light blue flowers in summer which will trail over slopes and walls. The flowers are attractive to bees and it can also be used in cooking. Grow in full sun on a well drained soil, and cut back in winter Height 30cm, spread 1m

Aucuba japonica ‘Crotonifolia’ (f/v)Japanese laurel

This is a compact medium-sized evergreen shrub with large leathery leaves attractively spotted and blotched with deep yellow. Female plants get red berries when pollinated. They like sun or semi shade in a well drained soil. Height and spread 2m.

Fatsia japonica ‘Spider’s Web’ Japanese aralia

This fatsia is primarily grown for its handsome foliage, with bright variation of white and green on the leaves. They like sun or semi shade in a well drained soil. Height and spread 2m.

Prunus lusitanica Portugal Laurel

A large evergreen shrub or small tree with bushy foliage of glossy dark green leaves on red stems and whit flowers in spring. Does well in most soils in sun or semi shade. Height 5m Spread 3m.

Astelia chathamica ‘Silver Shadow’

A clump-forming perennial grown for its dramatic silver foliage. It’s a good architectural plant  best grown in a sheltered spot well-drained, fertile soil in full sun or partial shade. Height 1.2m, spread 1.5m

Pinus sylvestris watereri – Dwarf Scots Pine

A slow growing, compact cultivar of Pinus sylvestris. It reaches a maximum height of 3-6m, with its spread exceeding its height. Beautiful stiff and twisted steel blue coloured needles contrasted with orange-brown bark.

Other Plants:

  • Acer Pal. Bi-Hoo – Japanese Maple
  • Acer Pal. Dissectum – Japanese Maple
  • Acer Pal. Sango Kaku – Japanese Maple
  • Achillea ‘Pomegranate’
  • Agapanthus Fireworks – Herbaceous
  • Aubrieta Audrey Blue Shades – Alpine
  • Aubrieta ‘Bressingham Red”
  • Aubrieta Dr. Mules Variegata – Alpine
  • Aubrieta ‘Kitte Blue’
  • Bellis Perennis Red
  • Betula Pendula Youngii Stem – Tree
  • Betula Pendula Youngii – Tree Rootba
  • Betula Utilis Jacquemontii – Feathered Tree
  • Campanula Persic. ‘Taikon Blue’
  • Centaurea Montana
  • Delphinium Black Knight – Herbaceous
  • Erigeron Karvinskianus ‘Profusion’
  • Euonymus Jap. Greenspire – Shrub
  • Euphorbia Amy. Purpurea – Herbaceous
  • Ficinia Ice Crystal Grass
  • Hebe Eliptica Variegata – Shrub
  • Helleborus Annas Red – Herbaceous
  • Helleborus Mollys White – Herbaceous
  • Ilex Aqui. Argentea Marginata Ball – Shrub
  • Lavandula S. Tiara – Herbs
  • Magnolia Soul. Susan – Ericaceous
  • Magnolia Stellata – Magnolia
  • ‘Marto White’
  • Phlox ‘Daniels Cushion’
  • Primula Veris ‘Little Queen Red’
  • Saxifraga ‘Marto Rose’
  • Saxifraga ‘Saxony Red’
  • Taxus Baccata Fastigiata Aurea – Conifer Rootba
  • z Carriage Z
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